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LoTR III - 2001-12-22 9:53 p.m.

Second viewing of Lord of The Rings : Fellowship of The Ring. This time is at KLCC. Luckily, my Fiance booked the tickets through the TGV phone line. Can you believe the tickets line was so long that the end of it was at the electrical shop in front if the theatre.


It's a whole different world between Mid-valley's Gold Class and KLCC TGV theatres. For starters, TGV is RM16 cheaper. And the seats are not that comfy. It kind of bothers you when you are in a 3 hour movie. But then again, it's 16 bucks cheaper.

Here's the thing I really hate about going to a full-house theatre.

The people.

That is why, I like watching movies that are 2-3 weeks old (except for cool and 'I-Cant-wait-type-of-movies like LoTR), because there will be a lot less people.

Oh yeah, and before that, Something happened. I was supposed to be at theatre 1, but somehow, I ended up in theatre 2. So I sat at my 'alleged' seat, and waited for my fiance to show up. About 2 minutes later, a group of teenage girls came, and I heard that they were saying that I took their seat, which I did. But I was really pissed of when one of them said 'Holy Crap' with muka yang macam bagus gampang.

But I kept my cool, and asked them to show their tickets, the nicer one in front showed me their tickets and she said "Eh, you're in the wrong theatre..". Fair enough, she sounded nice, and I replied back - "thank you very much, it was my bad, and thank you again". The nice girl said "No problem", and off I went to the empty seat next to my fiance, in the next theatre, where I was really supposed to be. The thing is, you don't have to say 'holy crap' to anybody at all, because it's disrespectful, not right, stupid, naive, and very straight-out rude. Luckily one of the girl was really nice and polite, or else I would've lost my temper.

Is that how parents and teachers teach respect to the youngsters nowadays.

Fortunately, there was LoTR to cool me down.

So, the movie starts. Then, 2 guys came 5 minutes late, and sat beside my fiance. After the movie, I figured out that they must be commentators, since they did nothing but talk for the whole damn 3 hours. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. But I've got some comebacks for the 2 Hasbullah Awangs. I'll come back to that later.

And then, there's the popcorn-munching-plastic-noise-making-monster from hell that sat behind me. I don't know what the guy's infatuation with the plastic bag is all about, but for each 7-8 minutes he'll grab something out from his plastic bag with reckless abandon, and made such annoying noise, that finally somebody behind of him had to 'shhh'ed him down.

And then, there are the morons who never listens. Every time I go to a movie, there's a warning segment to turn off handphones. Every time I go to a full-house or half-full-house movie, some idiot handphone will never fail to ring. The thing is, it wrecks my concentration. And, they did tell you to turn off the phone first. It's there, before every movie starts. There's a big screen that says "TURN OFF YOUR ANNOYING AND DISTURBING CELLPHONE". Or something like that.

Holy crap!

I'm becoming disrespectful, not right, stupid, naive, and very straight-out rude myself.

Holy Crap again!

Anyway, I tried my best to enjoy the movie, which I really did enjoy at Mid-Valley Magamall (now I know what the extra 16 bucks is for - quiet, peaceful, and wonderful viewing pleaseure).

Second time I saw it, second time I enjoyed it. The more I can see and feel McKellan's and Wood's chemistry. Just look at Gandalf's heartbroken emotion when Frodo volunteered to destroy the ring while the humans, dwarves and elves were arguing among themselves that this was too big of a task for any of them at the meeting in Rivendell. For he was deeply concerned for Frodo, and did not want to drag Frodo and the other Hobbits for fear of their safety.

One of my friend, who is a Tolkien and The Rings devotee, didn't like it that much. He disagrees with Jackson's streamlining and compromise of the storyline and characters.

So, LoTR faithfuls, the story's been changed a little here and there, but the spirit and the atmosphere of the books are alive and kicking. So, Nate, don't put up very high hopes, because else, you'll be like my friend, hehe. And spend the next 2 hours arguing on the finer points of Saruman's nose and such. And come back already, will ya... I'm dying to read what your opinions are about LoTR.

If you've never read the book, possible spoiler ahead. If you've read it, can go on lah...

Anyway, one cool thing is to see the pissed-off faces of the audience because they didn't really expect the ending to be like that. It was so nice to hear the 'commentators' sitting beside us say - "Apa ni, ending macam sial, baik tak yah tengok", and me saying out loud to my fiance "that it's exactly like the book, and I can't wait for the next LoTR, next year..", which for once, made the 2 guys quiet. After they realized, that instead of talking like smart asses they have been for the whole 3 hours, they could've at least do some research on the movie first, or else just keep their mouth shut. Ah, victory at last for the geeks who read the nerdy fantasy books.

But then, I have to wait for another year for the The Two Towers.

Holy crap!

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